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Lost in translation

06/10/2020 This is what happens when things get "lost in translation". Check it out!
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Why choose VOVF?

05/10/2020 Why choose VOVF? Many translation agencies promise you the moon at ridiculously low prices, and new agencies appear daily. Why choose VOVF? Our experience: - VOVF Translation Agency brings 10 years of experience and personalised services to your projects in order to best meet your needs. - Our Director of Translation, Jody Shafran, has…
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How do you become a professional translator?

01/10/2020 How do you become a professional translator? Over the years, we have been contacted by many people interested in becoming translators or practising translation as a part-time or full-time profession.   Some people have no idea where to begin. Where do you begin? How do you become a professional translator? The answer is a…
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Differences between British and American English

24/09/2020 There are many notable differences between British and American English.   Vocabulary The most significant difference is vocabulary, according to Voice of America. Americans go on vacation, wear pants and go to college; Brits go on holidays, weartrousers and go to university, or uni. Americans play soccer, live in apartments and drive trucks; Brits…
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