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Why "VOVF"? VOVF (version originale - version française) is a French industry term that refers to subtitled films in the original language vs. dubbed films. To us, it's the seamless translation from one language into another - so seamless, in fact, that you don't even realise it's a translation. It's also an allusion to audiovisual traslation, which is one of our main areas of expertise.

Many organisations turn to VOVF for their translation needs. VOVF actively listens to companies to pinpoint their specific needs and help their projects become reality. An agency that's attentive, agile, flexible, and ready to adapt 100% to the client's needs: this concept seems simple at first glance!

However, the founders of VOVF found out that that things were actually very different. As former executives in large corporations, they were disappointed by the services of existing agencies: set service options that can't be customised, mediocre or even bad quality, slow response and delivery times, etc. The demand was real, though! Inspired and driven, the founders of VOVF created the translation agency that they would have liked to work with, and the adventure began.

Regardless of the size of your project or organisation, we offer quick and reliable services at competitive rates.

Many companies entrust their translation needs to VOVF. Are you ready to do the same?


Beauty translation

VOVF Translation Agency applies its vast technical and marketing expertise to showcase your products and treatments

beauty translation



Luxury Translation

You provide the inspiration, and VOVF will help your brand shine like stars in a luxury universe

Luxury Translation



Marketing translation

Place your marketing translation needs in VOVF's capable hands


subtitle translation

A pro in audiovisual translation, VOVF handles subtitle translation, embedding and audio transcription in 50 languages

subtitle translation



Website translation

There is no interface too technical, no message too complex: VOVF translates websites in European and Asian languages on a daily basis

traduction site internet



Technical translation

At VOVF, we effectively communicate and convey your brand DNA and product specificity in 50 languages




translation company 

For 13 years, VOVF has been at your side, helping companies communicate internationally. As a translation agency, we offer a comprehensive range of services that covers 50 languages and a wide variety of specialisations.

VOVF has the resources and ability to work on multilingual projects where various languages - some less common - are required. With a single point of contact, you can manage your communication in multiple languages and obtain translations in record time. This is why we are the perfect partner for companies of all sizes in 50 languages.

Beauty translation is one of the main specialisations of VOVF. Mastering cosmetics translations and terminology requires both technical and marketing savvy. It also necessitates linguistic expertise and knowledge of the speciality field. This dual skill set brings significant added value to our translations. Demand quality: contact VOVF.

Luxury translation is a challenging exercise. The texts are filled with art and poetry. This calls for excellent writing skills in the target language. VOVF translators possess the experience and qualifications necessary to translate these texts the way they should.

Audiovisual translation is the quintessence of VOVF and at the heart of our DNA. VOVF stands for version originale, version française in French, which literally means 'original version, French version' and refers to films that are either left in the original language and subtitled, or dubbed in French. We understand better than anyone the specific needs of the audiovisual field, which is why we are in a better position to offer turnkey solutions at optimal budgets. Moreover, we have the capability to work on international projects, providing text translation and subtitle translation in 50 languages. So which will it be? VO or VF?

Marketing translation refers to the translation of all documents and materials pertaining to marketing and communication organisations and divisions. Writing skills are a very important feature, in addition to linguistic knowledge. This process is a well-oiled machine with our experienced translators, who deliver punchy, attractive marketing translations.

Website translation should be done by a professional translation agency, although this is often something that companies neglect to do. This is unfortunate, as a badly translated website is an inadequate portrayal of your goods and services that negatively affects your brand image. Entrusting the work to a professional is the guarantee that your window display to the world that truly reflects your brand. Don't wait: contact VOVF.

Technical translation is not something anybody can do. Just as a marketing translator would struggle with a technical text, a technical translator would grapple with a marketing text. Technical texts are usually written by specialists in the field: engineers, doctors, scientists, etc. Many technical translators at VOVF are often educated, trained, or have previous work experience in one of these fields. They have the professional insight and a command of the technical jargon in addition to language skills, which results in high-quality translations.

Environmental translation covers a wide range of topics. For society, the key issues are water scarcity in a context of climate change, food production for a growing world population, and the challenges of recycling and repurposing as these take on an increasingly bigger role. For companies, implementing the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming the norm. As individuals and citizens, we are more and more aware of the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. At VOVF, our translators are driven by this awareness and dedicated to environmental issues.


'I can't count the number of times VOVF has helped us with urgent translations, ensuring overnight or even same-day delivery!'

Director of Communications in the IT industry


'Another agency sent us translations of dubious quality. VOVF edited and retranslated the text and adapted the quote to my limited budget.'

Digital marketing manager in the agri-food industry


'Not only does VOVF provide high-quality translations, they also ensure the follow-up with our subsidiaries abroad.'

Product manager for a cosmetics brand

 OUR clients

Many companies and organisations of all types and sizes have turned to VOVF for their translation needs. Here is a peek at just a few!

We would love to hear from you! Drop us a line any time and let's shoot the breeze about your project. 

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