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Help your brand's light shine bright! Luxury translation requires a subtle blend of tangible reality and fanciful desire. Product descriptions must be accurate yet inspiring; grounded yet chimerical. Our luxury translators have a flair for bringing out the best that your brand has to offer, capturing its joy, in both its palpable and otherworldly forms.

Entrust your luxury translations to our professional wordsmiths and enhance your brand image and appeal.

VOVF Translation Agency is an expert in luxury translation, which requires skilfulness in communications and marketing as well as technical adroitness and precision.

If you’re looking for quality luxury translationsVOVF‘s team of professionals is here for you! All VOVF luxury translators only translate into their native language.

luxury translation in 50 languages 

The VOVF translation team, highly experienced in luxury translation, is your ideal partner in 50 languages including:

Chinese translation
Dutch translation
English translation
French translation
German translation
Italian translation
Japanese translation
Korean translation
Portuguese translation
Russian translation
Spanish translation

And many other languages on request.

All roads lead to VOVF! Tell us everything.

examples of luxury translations by vovf 

Luxury translation in English of a press release in the high-end tourism industry
Luxury translation in English, Japanese and Russian of a gourmet restaurant menu
Luxury translation in Chinese, Japanese and Korean of a prestigious fashion website
Luxury translation in English, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese for a luxury hotel and casino group
Luxury translation in 14 languages of videos for a high-end designer eyewear brand