Marketing Translation

traduction marketing

The translation of marketing texts is best left to specialists in the field.

It requires in-depth knowledge and expertise of terms and techniques specific to the field in addition to significant insight into the client company.

In addition to being highly experienced in the marketing field, translators at VOVF have significant knowledge in specific sectors. Combining their marketing expertise with knowledge of specific products and services whilst translating exclusively into their native language enables translators to meet all client expectations.

VOVF can translate all your marketing and PR documents, brochures, press releases, product descriptions, sales strategies, and web content. Our Director of Translation, former marketing manager for the LVMH Group for 8 years, offers her expertise and experience to ensure perfect execution of all your translation needs.


Marketing translations in 50 languages

The VOVF translation team, highly experienced in marketing translation, is your ideal partner in 50 languages including:

- Chinese translation
- Dutch translation
English translation
- French translation
German translation
- Italian translation
- Japanese translation
- Korean translation
- Portuguese translation
- Russian translation
- Spanish translation

And many other languages on request.

Be the you that you were always meant to be! Call VOVF today and tell us about your project. 

Examples of VOVF marketing translations

- Marketing translation in English of a tourism press release
- Marketing translation in English of an IT press release
- Marketing translation in Japanese of a brochure for a cosmetic brand
- Marketing translation in English of a marketing portfolio
- Marketing translation in English, German and Italian of a newsletter