jody shafran, director of translation

équipeJody grew up in Japan and the US with a Japanese mum and American dad. Fluent in English, Japanese, French and Spanish with some knowledge of Italian and even a smattering of Hebrew and Arabic, Jody is a globetrotter... who collects international degrees!

With a brand new Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Japanese from New York University in hand, Jody set off for France for a year to learn French. Back in Japan, she taught English and Spanish then took an in-house translating position at Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma, the oldest pharmaceutical company in Japan. After a second Bachelor's Degree in international relations at Université de Strasbourg (ITI-RI) followed by a Master's Degree in international business at INALCO (Langues O') in Paris, Jody worked in marketing at Make Up For Ever, a cosmetics brand in the French luxury goods group LVMH, for 8 years.

That's when she became inspired to create a customer-focused translation business that emphasises quality. She co-founded VOVF Paris, where Jody happily runs the back office, recruiting translators, managing projects and translating herself as much as she can. 'I love languages, and my work allows me to indulge in my passion all day long. It's my dream job!'

Jody's vast experience in languages, translation, marketing, cosmetics and business is an important resource for VOVF, where your translation needs are in the best of hands.

veng lo, sales director

Veng is a human crossroads of cultures! Born in Cambodia with Chinese parents, he spent his early childhood in Thailand and grew up in France. Wanderlust runs in the VOVF family, however!

After a Bachelor's Degree in economics at Université Lumière Lyon II in his French hometown of Lyon, Veng moved to Tokyo, where he obtained a Master's Degree in international business from Senshu University. Two years in Tokyo had only deepened his love for Japanese culture, so Veng stayed on as an economic researcher at the French Consultate in Osaka for 2 more years. Back in France, he discovered his talent in sales. For 5 years, he worked as a key account sales executive at IBM France, where his affability, strong analytical skills and his ability to just 'get' people earned him the trust and respect of colleagues and managers. That was when he started to feel it: the entrepreneurial itch.

'My previous business and sales experience focused on technical jargon and selling strategies. However, I've always felt that the key to good business is trust. Listening to clients and making sure they feel heard is always the best approach.' With this in mind, Veng co-founded VOVF Paris.

A globetrotter and photographer who speaks 4 languages fluently, Veng has the ability to see many layers of a problem, which enables him to find holistic solutions. His capacity to listen, his confident and easygoing manner, and his strong problem-solving skills bring tremendous added value to VOVF. Count on him to go that extra mile to find the best solution for your needs at the best price.


 our vovf translators

VOVF translators are experienced language professionals who live all around the world and come from all walks of life. Some have writing, language or translation degrees, and have dedicated their livelihood to their passion for words. Others were doctors, lawyers, journalists or tour guides in a previous career, and decided to combine their significant expertise in a specific field with their love of language. Indeed, there are many ways to become a professional translator, but we all share the love of languages and language. We also share International Translation Day.

At VOVF, our translators stick to what they are good at, translating only into their native language and in their specific speciality areas. This way, your text gets the attention and quality it deserves from an expert in your field.

Our translators are nothing if they are not disciplined. Many work from home and juggle multiple jobs and families. We appreciate their sense of responsibility and multitasking abilities. The world is changing and so is the workplace; the 9-to-5 workday and office commutes no longer reflect today's reality. Here at VOVF, we believe in telecommuting and flexible work schedules. We work with our translators and around their individual constraints as much as possible. The only thing we don't compromise? Quality.


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