Interpreting requires a special set of skills.

Interpreters are extremely disciplined, precise and analytical. Quick on their feet, interpreters use their excellent concentration skills to communicate the message as completely, rapidly and eloquently as possible, influencing company policy and image as they do so.

VOVF works with a highly qualified panel of interpreters proficient in multiple languages. In addition to having specialised areas of expertise, VOVF interpreters – graduates of prestigious interpreting schools in France and abroad – have been trained in simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpretation techniques. VOVF interpreters carry out specialised interpretation assignments in the strictest confidentiality.

VOVF offers interpretation services in various fields of expertise for a wide range of events such as conferences, seminars, business meetings, and guided tours.

A specialised VOVF interpreter is the right choice for all your professional interpreting needs!

Interpreting services in 50 languages

VOVF’s interpretation team is your ideal partner in over 50 languages including:

- Chinese interpreting
- Dutch interpreting
English interpreting
- French interpreting
German interpreting
- Italian interpreting
- Japanese interpreting
- Korean interpreting
- Portuguese interpreting
- Russian interpreting
- Spanish interpreting

And many other languages on request.

Be yourself! VOVF would love to hear from you.

Examples of VOVF interpreting jobs:

- Interpreting from French into English for an IT seminar
- Interpreting from Japanese into French for a tourism trade show
- Interpreting from French and English into Chinese for an environmental conference
- Interpreting from German into French for hotel business executives during a business trip
- Interpreting from French and English into Korean for a pharmaceutical business meeting